Hand of Hope

How to Get Involved with a Charity

Get involved by joining JJ Annan Foundation Partnership Network

We strongly encourage you to get involve either through our mentoring programs, donation (time and/or money) or championing a charity cause of your own. It is only through our own opportunities, hard work and charity will Ghana’s next generation see a change in quality of life and presence in the world stage. We cannot do it alone so we ask that you join JJ Annan Foundation and it causes for the country’s future.

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Partnership With Schools

JJ Annan Foundation Partner with schools in Ghana to help children gain education

We welcome all schools in Ghana to partner with JJ Annan Foundation to provide education for less fortunate children and youth in Ghana. Join our partnership network by contacting the JJ Annan Foundation office either through email or by phone on our contact page.

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Partners Links

InfoView Data Solutions Limited
InfoView Data Solutions Limited (IDS Limited) is an Information Technology (IT) consulting firm in Ghana that develops software products to manage industries and sectors. IDS Limited specializes in Database design, development, administration, maintenance and installation. The company also provides IT Solutions and Services from a software, hardware and business process automation & improvement. www.idscorpgh.com
InfoSource Data Solutions Corp (USA)
InfoSource Data Solutions Corp is an Information Technology consulting company located in Baltimore, Maryland with focus on database solutions for its clients in the United States of America (USA). The company is the brain child of Mr. Jeff Bamba (JJ Annan Foundation board member), the president and CEO with current and former clients like Kaiser Permanente, IBM, Carefirst BlueCross BlueShield, CGH Technologies, Coddington Group LLC, etc. www.infosourcedatasolutions.com
SenyaCorp Limited
SenyaCorp Limited is a consulting firm that helps pharmaceutical companies to conduct Phase II & Phase III clinical trials in developing countries. Its goal is to partner and help the Pharma industry to get products on the market through clinical trial data collection and execution. It is the brain child of Mr. Frederick Attobrah, the president and CEO and board member of JJ Annan Foundation.www.senyacorp.com

Volunteer Programs

2011 Fundraise Challenge

JJ Annan Foundation projects funding. Join the chanllenge and help the next generation.

JJ Annan Foundation has three project scheduled to kick off January 2011. In order for these projects to be successful requires funding. Our current partners has donated funds in the 2011 Fund Raiser Challenge and will match any contributions from new partners in the JJ Annan Foundation. Please the JJ Annan Foundation network to help meet project changes schedule for 2011.

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