Hand of Hope

Relief Fund

The JJ Annan Foundation Relief Fund is established for all of the programs and causes of the organization. The fund is completely transparent and we encourage you to review our records. Our financial reports can be found under the Transparency and Accountability section on this website. We encourage you to take a look at our financial reports on an annual basis.

Our relief fund goes to causes that are championed by our partners and the foundation leadership. Donations from our partners and members are pulled together to support all the causes and programs that are seriously needed in the Ghanaian society. We encourage you to join our partnership network and to make a donation in support of any of our programs to help the children of Ghana. The JJ Annan Foundation Relief Fund supports schools to provide scholarships to children with dreams in the sciences, technology, and causes that are near and dear to the hearts of our partners and Miss JJ Annan herself. Visit the “Who We Are” page for additional information on causes that JJ Annan Foundation support with the relief fund.

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Make a Donation

Please make a donation to help the less fortunate children in our society.

We encourage and challenge you to make a donation to the The JJ Annan Foundation Relief Fund that supports any of the causes you believe in. We encourage you to check our Transparency and Accountability page to see where and how your donations are spend and for which programs. Five (5) GH Cedis/$5.00 a month can help improve the future of the next generation so please donate to the The JJ Annan Foundation Relief Fund. Donations can be made directly at the JJ Annan Foundation Office or directly into the Relief Fund Bank Account at EcoBank in Ghana or at Bank Of American in the United States Of America. Contact us for bank account information.

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Accountability & Transparency

The JJ Annan Foundation strongly believes in accountability and transparency in how we spend donations you provided to our causes. Below are listing and links to our annual financial records. We encourage you to review on annual basis to see where your hard earned donation is going and for which causes it been spent on.

Below are listing of our financial records. It’s broken into expenditure, revenue/donations, assets, etc. All financial statements are below. Our independent accounting firm uses GAAP accounting practices for financial recording.

Our Donations

  • Mentor and Guide Them

    The Teacher For A Day program helps successful professionals in Ghanaian society to visit a school of their choice and for three hours, spend time with Ghanaian youth by explaining their career field and how they attain their success through education. The Mentoring Program helps children and youth in Ghana with limited parent options to have an adult who will guide them through life and sponsor them through opportunities in society.

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  • Feed their Mind  

    The Food For Education program provides food for less fortunate children who do not have lunch to eat when attending school. It helps keep their belly full and their mind inspired.

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Hope in Action

Below are examples of The JJ Annan Foundation providing hope to childrean in Ghana.

The Clothes For Orphanage Program donated food, clothing and shoes to the Kumasi Orphanage Home by the President of The JJ Annan Foundation, Miss Josephine J. Annan on December 31, 2010.


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