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About Partnering

Become partner with The JJ Annan Foundation.

Join  The JJ Annan partnerships network.

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How to Become a Partner

Join The JJ Annan Foundation to become a partner in our causes for the future of Ghana. Join our Partnership Network to chart future courses in support of our youth.

The JJ Annan Foundation has three partnership programs: the Platinum, Silver and Member Partnership. Each class of partnership has causes, authority and goals that partners help to champion in Ghana. Contact The JJ Annan Foundation office for more details.

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Partners Programs

Help make the next generation's future brighter and better.

Donate five (5) Hours of your time a month or GH 5.00 Cedis a month to help create an opportunity for a child's education. The programs you help fund will allow the next generation of Ghanaians to change the social and economic stand of this country for the better. We invite you to participate in our mentoring programs, teacher for a day programs and others programs by donating ten hours per month.

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